Sunday, June 23, 2013

All About David Wood The Internet Millionaire!

This is David Wood a self made entrepreneur and own's a  most powerful network known as EmpowerNetwork. This guy was not handed the wealth of the company (EmpowerNetwork) he had to work his way through hell to become a successful entrepreneur. As he was growing up he was a very motivated child but had very bad grades in school. He had trouble with school throughout his 8th and 9th grade years. His grades for 8th grade was all F's. He was going to be left back into the 8th grade again but his parents did not want that so they sign some legal document that made he graduate to the 9th grade. As that day came he was introduced to Network Marketing, as his father was in the business of selling products to other people and trying to get the people into the business. David Wood was so discussed of how his father was living his life. Through the months David's father decided to take him to a sell's training meeting and as David was struggling not to go his father made him a deal to give him pizza if he went .So as David's father and David attended the meeting David soon understood the way to self made millions. He later joined a pyramid scam that was suppose to make him some real money at the age 13 years old. Later on that scam was shut down by the FDA. So as you see David Wood did not have a successful life as he was growing up. But wait there's more he later move to England and was planning to become a priest. so later on in his life he had ups and downs but he over came them by he's unstoppable entrepreneur skills. these skills was build in him that made him a well self made millionaire. He started to make money online and have a stable life as he continues to learn new things and live life to the fullest. As I always say "Keep Moving Forward".

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