Monday, June 24, 2013

How Professional bloggers drive traffic to there blogs!

The secret to blog traffic is here and these idea's will get you doing and increase your blog's traffic forever. Many people of all ages were wondering how the hell all these people that are not smarter then me and can't write better then me have so much traffic. well I and others have had this problem and wish to over come it as fast as possible. Traffic makes money for some and others have to blog as a hobby, but we all have the issue of bringing traffic to our blogs. Here are some tips to bring traffic to your blog posts.

  • Traffic Exchange Sites
As you never heard of this , this is one way that professional bloggers use to accumulate a great number of users. This exposes the secret to all those millionaire bloggers that have been using this method to drive new and great number of visitors to there blog. I truly recommend blogclicker, ( click this for the highly recommended site for Traffic Exchange Sites!), I recommend this site because it has a great system of gathering traffic to your blog or website. Many people have been members of this site so click the link to join for free and gather a number of visitors to your site.

  • Use Social Media/ Social Bookmarking!
You all heard of Social Media like for example Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Etc. These have helped many millionaire by giving them the boost of the service to bring great amount of traffic to there business or website. I have newly started using this because i just found out how powerful it can really get. Social Bookmarking on the other hand will bring you a great number of users if you now the right methods. Social Bookmarking can help your blog increase in the numbers of Google+ member to subscribe to you , so this makes them have a place to see your posts and engage in them. I've listed a number of sites that you can go to.
 Digg (8)
- (6)
- BuddyMarks (5)
- Rudan Bookmarks (4)
- H-Stream Links (4)
- Kabayani Bookmarks (4)
- OYAX (4)
- SiteJot (4)
- Plurk
So therefore these sites and ideas that I provided will absolutely bring you traffic in a number of hour with the work that you put it to follow these steps and become a true blogger.

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Thank You again an you will be seeing more of my posts so ENJOY =D

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